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An exercise ball is the best equipment for an overall body workout in a gym

exercise ball

Doing it the right way

A lot of people who are using exercise balls in their fitness programs are simply doing it the wrong way.

I mean, any exercise is better than no exercise, but on that same token, if you are going to take the time to exercise, why not take the time to do it right, so that you get the most benefit out of the time and effort that you expend?

I see 3 things that people consistently do incorrectly, and this post will detail what is being done wrong so that you can do it right!

Improper Inflation

This is a common problem that keeps being repeated over and over again because most gyms and workout centers don’t inflate their exercise balls properly. Unfortunately, people working out who don’t know any better think that must be how to do it, so even if they get their own exercise ball, they, in turn, don’t inflate it properly.

The idea behind doing exercises on an exercise ball is that you are using an unstable surface, which makes the exercise more difficult, and causes you to use more of the core stabilization muscles in your abdominal area and also in your back.

If the exercise ball is not inflated enough – which is often the case, then the ball is simply not that difficult to use. By the time you add the body weight of the person doing the exercise to an under-inflated ball, it simply flattens out and causes a comfortable – rather than unstable – surface to exercise upon.

The proper inflation of an exercise ball will make the ball fairly firm, even if you are sitting or laying on it. There should be a small amount of “give” when you add your weight to the ball, but not very much.

Improper Body Positioning

Another common mistake that people make when using an exercise ball is that they do not maintain the proper positioning of their bodies throughout the entire exercise. This has the effect of minimizing the benefit of using the exercise ball.

Dumbbell Chest Press on Exercise BallThere is no “one” position that is the right position because it depends on the exercise that you are doing. However, common incorrect forms include all of the following:

  • Allowing your back to “sag” rather than keeping it straight and firm
  • Resting your lower back on the exercise ball during upper body exercises when your shoulders should be the only body part touching the ball.
  • Putting too much of your body weight on the ball during any given movement. The ball is supposed to be an unstable surface that makes the exercise more difficult, not a resting place for your weary body.

Ineffective use of the Core Stabilization Muscles

Again, one of the biggest benefits of using an exercise ball is that you strengthen and tone the core muscles including the following:

  • The inner and outer abdominal wall
  • The oblique, or side-abdominal muscles
  • The muscles of the lower back
  • The muscles surrounding and supporting your spine

Hip Bridge on Exercise Ball

As with all resistance exercises, you should always be keeping a “mind-muscle” link with the muscles that are being utilized for that exercise. In other words, you should be consciously focusing on the use of each muscle, so that your mind’s connection to your body is strengthened as much as the muscles themselves are.

Hip bridge using exercise ball
Hip bridge exercise

Little Known Fact

A large portion of your strength comes from neuromuscular coordination (the mind-muscle link), rather than from the actual size of your muscles. Large or “toned” muscles won’t do you much good if you can’t consciously as well as unconsciously control them.

Types of exercise balls

  • Large exercise balls – These are the most familiar with the big workout ball. They may be found at gyms, studios, and fitness facilities under many names such as stability ball, pilates ball, and Swiss ball.
  • Mini exercise balls – It is much like an exercise ball except that it is a bit smaller in size and don’t provide the same stability while exercising. Additionally, it can be used as a prop.
  • Medicine balls – These are smaller in size a comparatively heavier than the regular exercise ball. Its ergonomics don’t allow it to roll over.
  • Small toning balls – These are used to make activities like throwing & catching more challenging. It is also used post-pregnancy for the mothers to get back in shape.
  • Small therapy balls – The majority of the time, these light balls are used in a massage-like manner. Rolling your body parts over the balls may be relaxing, especially if you alter the amount of body weight you release onto the ball to keep an eye on the pressure. Similarly, different body regions can rest on the ball and use their body weight to trigger muscular release for the release of muscle knots and stress.
  • Foot massage balls – These are used to roll outweary feet. Roll up and down and all around while sitting with the ball on the floor to regulate the pressure. These balls often have nubs that stimulate the circulation of blood.

An exercise ball “bitrhing ball” may be extremely relaxing both before and during labour. It can help alleviate back discomfort, lower pelvic pressure, and possibly speed up labour. The one thing it can’t do is make you go into labour. The nicest part about a birthing ball is that you may use it to relax comfortably or get in shape after the baby is born.

pull ins using exercise ball
Exercise ball pull-in


The exercise ball is one of the best overall inventions in the history of exercise. The exercise ball, as well as related devices based on its instability characteristic, have aided many individuals in having more result-oriented workouts with real-world advantages.

However, the best tool in the world is useless unless it is utilized properly. Now you know how to properly utilize an exercise ball!


Featured pic: Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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