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Depression in teenagers is on the rise & scientists are worrying for worse!

depression in teenagers

Depression in teenagers

Depression is one problem too many as it does not restrict itself to any age group in particular. It affects both adults and younger people, as well as both males and females. Depression in teenagers is one of the major problems being faced in many of the societies of the world today. It can have very devastating effects on the lives of teenagers and youths as a whole. One very important fact worthy of note about youth depression (or more specifically teenage depression) is that it is very difficult to detect. This is because mood swings are very common among people within this age group and so, such behavioral changes associated with depression are usually mistaken for normal circumstances.


  • During development from childhood to adulthood, many transitional changes occur within the body of teenagers. Most of these changes (puberty-related) usually generate mental stress in teenagers. At this point, they are in a dire need of emotional support from parents and other family members. When this support is nowhere to be found, depression persists.
  • Depression in teenagers may also be caused by certain peer influences. For example, when a boy from a poor home feels depressed over the fact that his parents cannot buy him some of those things which are being afforded by his schoolmates from rich families.
  • Abuse is another cause of depression in teenagers. Depression is very common in teenagers who have been physically or sexually abused at some time in the past.
  • Also, teenagers get depressed due to unpleasant occurrences such as broken homes, death of relatives, death of close friends, state of neglect, long-term illnesses, and so on.
  • Youths may also get depressed due to excessive concerns over their physical appearances. If for instance, a teenager dislikes something about his/her appearance such as height, he/she feels depressed as he keeps nursing the feeling that everybody also dislikes that part of him/her.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Depressed teenagers find it very difficult to concentrate on any activity for long. Even if they embark on fun activities, they lose interest soon afterward and find something else to do.
  • Depressed teenagers either eat very little (due to lack of appetite) or too much than they eat ordinarily.
  • Depressed teenagers become aggressive, hostile and get angered easily.
  • Depressed teenagers may inflict injuries on themselves.
  • They engage in substance abuse of hard or pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and other psychotropic substances.
  • In severe depression, affected teenagers may contemplate suicide.

Coping with the depression

Remember the saying “Think good feel good”. Depression is a chemical reaction to our thinking patterns. Your depression can be solved without medication by changing the way you think.

Things to Do When You Feel Depressed

Motivate yourself

Believe me, nobody can motivate you unless you motivate yourself. So take it upon yourself to be your best friend, and stay away from people who make you feel bad. Appreciate yourself and ensure you celebrate yourself daily.

Avoid loneliness

Isolation and loneliness make depression get worse. Getting the support you need from family and friends plays a big role in lifting the fog of depression and keeping it away. Maintaining close relationships with your family members and friends, and engaging in social activities are equally very important in battling depression symptoms. If you enjoy being in the company of friends, dress up, visit your friends, and have a nice time with them. If you love watching movies, then pick one up and start watching whenever your mind seems to be going back to those sad events.

Get rid of Negative Thinking

Depression spurs negative thinking about everything you see and feel. Negative thinking is the way you see yourself, different situations and things, and your expectations for the future. Always replace all your negative thoughts with more balanced positive thoughts.

Care for Yourself

You have to take care of yourself to overcome depression. This includes adopting healthy habits, keeping stress in check, sleeping for at least eight hours daily, and putting fun activities into your day. All this helps a lot to overcome depression.

Laugh Well

Go by the saying: “Laughter is the best medicine.” Don’t take life too seriously and pounce on every moment that makes you laugh. We all feel so great after a good hardy laugh. There are countless ways you can create laughter for yourself, but remember not to do it at someone else’s expense. Nothing cures depression better or faster than a good hardy laugh.

Exercise Regularly

Even though it may be the last thing you can do when you’re depressed, exercise is a powerful tool for dealing with depression. Scientists have proved that regular exercise can be as effective as antidepressant medication at increasing energy levels and decreasing feelings of fatigue.

Deep Breathing (meditation)

Deep breathing exercises can help you start to feel better literally within minutes and you do not have to go anywhere to do them. Deep breathing literally has saved many depressed people from embarrassing situations. You can watch the video online, practice the exercise and start feeling better.

Eat a healthy balanced diet

The foods you eat play a vital role in tackling depression. Make sure you eat a balanced diet of protein, complex carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables. Avoid skipping your meals and minimize your sugar intake. Deficiencies in Vitamin B can also trigger depression. Consider taking a B-complex vitamin supplement or eating more citrus fruit, leafy greens, beans, chicken, and eggs.

Get a new hobby

Taking a new, fun, and interesting hobby increases your motivation and gives you a diversion, and helps with concentration. Apart from the fact that a hobby can be social, it can also help you sleep.

Seeking divine help

If you are a Christian, ensure you read your bible daily and pray to God. Commit your concerns to the hand of God. He is the only one who can handle burdens too big for us humans.

Adopt a pet

Dogs can contribute to your happiness. Studies show that dogs reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, ease loneliness, encourage exercise, and improve your overall health.

Closing note

With all the self-help for depression tips mentioned above, most teenagers will be able to get themselves out of the bondage of this very common mental disorder. When you feel you have done all it takes on your part and the symptoms persist, seek professional help.

Avoid negative thinking that makes you think you’re fighting a lost cause, know that depression can be treated and you can feel better.


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